Khorog, Pamir, Badakhshan 23 May 2014

We would like to share with you on what is going on in Khorog, Tajikistan.
We know about all the calls to local authorities to stop demonstrations and meetings of unhappy people of Badakhshan that are all here in Khorog seating and standing on the main square.
Unfortunately, officials are talking about second wave of 24 of July 2012, everyone is concerned that it would not end in peace and people will have to protect their homes again.
People demand international news teams that can show all the truth that is happening, there are no drugs, no guns, only confused and angry people. Because officials are talking to people, that the government is responsible and will answer for what they have done, but unfortunately in reality they cannot fix it with words and promises, because people are tired from that, people want to see something happening, something that will make their lives better, safer.
We are asking you, not to let this peaceful people and beautiful region to become a war zone.
People are learning and will not let government to lie to them again.
Thank you,
And God bless.

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